Shilajit for Fertility: Can This Amazing Remedy Help with Reproductive Health?

Shilajit for fertility

Shilajit for fertility has been used from ancient times and has provided numerous health benefits, including the ability to help conception.

Shilajit for Fertility: Can This Amazing Remedy Help with Reproductive Health?

In recent years, to enhance fertility chances and reproductive health, different natural therapies have gained popularity. Shilajit is an ancient substance that is found in the Himalayas, is one of such natural medicines that has gained a lot of attention. 

What  is infertility?

Infertility is known as a woman’s inability to conceive. There are different stages of fertility, and one of them is completely unable to conceive even after 1000 attemps. The mildest ones have a very unfriendly environment in which to bear a child, which does not fully rule out the chance of producing one but makes it nearly impossible. This is one of the most difficult sensations that a family may have, as not having a kid after establishing a happy marriage is a complete disaster for practically everyone. 

Shilajit for Fertility of Male 

According to studies, Shilajit may benefit male fertility. Shilajit for fertility has also been demonstrated to boost testosterone levels, which may improve male fertility.


If some men use steroids, no man wants low testosterone. Steroids can increase your levels, but at a high price for wellness and with numerous undesirable side effects. The absence of sexual desire is the key indicator of low testosterone. Hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, and loss of muscular mass are additional symptoms. 

The use of supplementation of  shilajit for fertility itself as a testosterone enhancer, promising results after 90 days of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

Shilajit for sex drive and libido can help men with all sex-related concerns. Its major purpose is to improve sexual life and sperm count, and it is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction. Shilajit is a popular bodybuilding supplement. Shilajit for fertility is well-known in bodybuilding since it helps to maintain muscular strength for as long as possible when exercising. It significantly improves the function and adaptability of skeletal muscles.

Incredible Lobia Health Benefits

Boost Sperm Count

Shilajit for fertility is a miracle Ayurvedic medicine since it raises sperm count, which is beneficial to males. Shilajit pill consumption increases both sperm count and sperm quality. 

What do experts say regarding sperm count and the Shilajit effect? 

According to research, shilajit for fertility can boost sperm production by 62 percent overall. Shilajit supplements can help men with low sperm counts achieve long-term results.

Shilajit for fertility can also help with sperm motility. Perhaps you’re curious about sperm motility. Sperm motility refers to the ability of sperm to migrate effectively. 

Repairing male infertility

One of the shilajit benefits could be the resolution of male infertility. Male infertility is a common problem nowadays. Male infertility is mostly caused by low sperm counts and sperm motility percentages. These elements are also influenced by a person’s lifestyle. If you want to have children but are experiencing difficulty conceiving due to male infertility, start using Shilajit pills. Shilajit for fertility is a powerful ayurvedic medication for male infertility. As a result, both sperm count and motility increase. In one study, male infertility patients were given two Shilajit pills daily after a meal for two to three months. After three months, their sperm count had increased by 60%. 

Does Shilajit  increase size ?

This is a long-debated subject, with many claiming that its ancient stated health advantages may also extend to enhancing one’s physical proportions. Shilajit has traditionally been used for anything from improving energy and immunity to lowering inflammation, and there is mounting evidence that it does have some impacts on body size. 

Many studies demonstrate that it can assist muscle mass and minimise fat formation, but its overall influence on the human body is yet unknown. We can confirm that consuming a good diet and exercising frequently are still the most effective ways to gain weight.

Shilajit for Female Infertility 

Promotes Ovulation

According to a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Shilajit for fertility can promote ovulation. Shilajit was tested on female rats by researchers. They discovered that ovulation was triggered in seven out of nine rats in the Shilajit treatment group and three out of nine rats in the control group throughout a five-day period. They came to the conclusion that this supplement had an ovulogenic impact in mature rats.

Promotes Bone Health

Calcium levels can drop in new moms or women going through menopause, resulting in weaker, lower-density bones. In the long run, this is harmful to women’s health. Shilajit for fertility can also assist ladies.

Shilajit can help strengthen your bones by increasing the flow of minerals to the bones and muscles such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Shilajit should be included in the wellness routines of new mothers and menopausal women.

Lowers Stress Levels

Shilajit for Women is ideal for dealing with stress and anxiety! Shilajit might assist to relax your mind and relieve tension and anxiety. It is also useful for increasing sleep quality and mood. What else do you require? Shilajit is also one of the primary ayurvedic constituents. Get in the mood for love by relaxing your mind by using Shilajit. 

Enhance Fertility

Women who have irregular menstrual cycles are more likely to develop infertility. Shilajit is recommended by many South Asian women to boost reproductive health. Shilajit for fertility also cleanses and detoxifies the organs by producing oxygen-rich blood and antioxidants. It combats free radicals in the body that may be leading to infertility in women.

Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals

An imbalance between pro-oxidants and antioxidants leads to oxidative stress. Increased quantities of reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species, or a reduction in antioxidant defence mechanisms can all affect this ratio.

Under the condition that every molecule returns to its reduced state, a specific quantity of reactive oxygen species is required for the advancement of normal cell operations. The body’s natural antioxidant defence mechanism may be overwhelmed by excessive reactive oxygen species generation, generating an environment that is unsuited for typical female physiological reactions.

The constant search for a complete outer ring of electrons by molecules indicates their stability. Oxidative stress is brought on by free radicals, which are molecules with 1–7 electrons that will react with nearly anything. Shilajit is a powerful antioxidant because it may function as an electron donor or acceptor, neutralising free radicals. Oxidative stress is a cost of having living cells, or being alive. There most likely exists a critical degree of oxidative stress that prevents conception. That free radical sweeping is done by Shilajit.

How does being overweight affect fertility?

One of the causes of this is that there is a lot of research connecting shilajit to increased energy levels, which is unquestionably a beneficial tool to have in your toolbox when fighting the never-ending struggle with your weight. Shilajit is referred to as ‘lekhaniya’ in the old Ayurvedic scriptures, which means it is a substance that removes excess fat from the body and is categorised as a fat-scraping agent.

Shilajit also increases metabolism, which helps you burn fat. Your metabolism will slow down as you become older, which eventually causes fat deposits to build up in your body. Thus, you gain weight.  Shilajit can aid in appetite suppression because it is abundant in a variety of vital nutrients that support and strengthen the body. Shilajit is a dietary supplement that can be a crucial part of your weight loss plan if used on a regular basis because it helps to sate unexpected hunger sensations. 

Control Menstruation Cycle

During your menstrual cycle, it can press against adjacent blood vessels if it contracts too aggressively. This temporarily stops the uterus’s access to oxygen. Your pain and cramping are being caused by this shortage of oxygen.  Periods will become irregular and unpleasant when these are all out of balance.  Shilajit can enhance testosterone in males, according to research, however, there is no evidence that it can significantly elevate testosterone in females, which is excellent news. 


Shilajit should not be used as an alternative therapy for infertility, it is important to highlight. It should be utilised as a component of an exhaustive reproductive health strategy that also includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and professional medical guidance. To take advantage of all of Shilajit’s tremendous health advantages for women, use studied Ayurvedic products containing pure processed Shilajit. If you have any further questions regarding Shilajit, please contact professional Ayurvedic doctors to learn more about how there are no adverse effects of Shilajit for women when taken as per an expert Ayurvedic doctor’s advice and in the correct format.

shilajit for fertility

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