2 Easy Methods: How To Use Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky tar like substance that appears on the rock high up in mountains of the Himalayas. The substance has been used as a rejuvenator and adaptogen for centuries across different herbal traditions. Shilajit has most widely been used in Ancient Greek Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. In this article, I will discuss how to use Shilajit to extract it’s most potent qualities and avoid common dosing mistakes.

Shilajit is fast becoming one of the top natural mineral to be used by holistic health practitioners because it is a naturally ocurring combination of more than eighty mineral whose medical efficacy is proven by modern science. Secondly, it is able to boost energy, athletic performance and testosterone in a way that is sustainable in the long-term.

Various Forms of Shilajit Available In The Market

Shilajit is available in various forms.

  1. Resin: The raw resin is the most potent form. It appears as a sticky, tar-like substance. It become hard and loses moisture in a few hours. Raw Shilajit can be dissolved in water or other liquids. Most manufacturers buy this resin and ground it into a fine powder first and foremost. This brings us to the second form available in the market.
  2. Powder: The hard Shilajit is crushed into smallers pieces are then fed into a grinding machine. The acquired powder is then passed through a sieve to collect a very fine powder.
  3. Capsule: This powder can be encapsulated. Most of the manufacturers are selling Shilajit in capsulated form. Extracted Shilajit is not pure or raw because the Shilajit is processed in other way that are not part of our topic.
  4. Semi-Solid Formulations: Quiet simply put the powder is mixed into honey or a sugary paste. This is consumed as required.

This article is only concerned with raw pure resin Shilajit.

  • ‘The quality and potency of shilajit can vary depending on the source and processing method, so it is important to choose a reputable supplier.
  • Some shilajit products may contain additives or fillers that can dilute the effectiveness of the shilajit.
  • When purchasing shilajit, look for products that are pure and free from contaminants.’

How to Choose High Quality Shilajit Resin?

The demand for Shilajit has sky rocketed in the recent past which is why the market is inundated with adulterated products. It is therefore extremely important to know the tests one can perform to be sure that the resin is pure.

The resin should be sourced from the countries that host the Himaliyan mountain like Pakistan, India and Nepal. The closer to the source more chances of it being real and at the best price.

To test the purity of the resin, take some Shilajit and let it dissolve in water. Pure Shilajit will dissolve in water without leaving a trace. On the contrary, it will not dissolve in alcohol rather it will form small hard particles. One can also smell Shilajit for it’s earthy aroma, however, that can be easily faked.

By considering these factors and performing simple tests, you can choose high-quality shilajit resin and enjoy the many health benefits that it offers.

How To Use Shilajit?

The First Method

Once you are able to ascertain that the Shilajit is pure, you can decide how to prepare for your use. I prescribe Shilajit by preparing into a form that is easily digestible and thus the absorption of the beneficial minerals’ is the highest.

I have been following this method for more than a decade with successful results with countless patients. Let me elaborate.

If you do not have the time go through a lengthy process. The best way to take the benefits of Shilajit is to crush and powder the dried resin as mentioned earlier. Take one gram of pure powder of Shilajit with one cup of milk. This should be taken on an empty stomach at least half an hour before meals. Another great way it is to take one gram with half a cup of natural yoghurt.

The Second Method

This method takes time to prepare the Shilajit. To prepare ten days’ dosage buy 100 grams of honey and mix with 25 grams of pure powdered Shilajit. Be sure to mix well as honey acts as a preservative the consistency will be like that of jam. This semi-solid preparation is mostly prescribed by practitioners of ancient Greek medicine.

In my personal experience this preparation is best for consumers as it diminishes the room for side effects associated with over dosage. It is also easier to consume as it reduce the unattractive taste of consuming a mineral. Once you have prepared it, you can take half a teaspoon two times a day half an hour before meals with milk. It is important to note the common mistakes associated with Shilajit.

Common Mistakes In Preparing Shilajit

Here are common issues people face when preparing Shilajit for consumption:

  • As all form demand making the resin into a fine powder. Sometimes, when the Shilajit is not ground properly the powder is uneven.
  • When the powder is mixed with honey, it is not mixed porperly resulting patches hard and liquid area in the mix.
  • If the quality of Shilajit is not determined in the beginning, it result in a low quality or even fake Shilajit product
  • If the prepared mixture is not stored properly in a cool and dry place, it may change its form and texture

Risks With Using Shilajit

While Shilajit is generally safe to consume it must not be taken by pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. Shilajit is described as being hot and dry in nature. Therefore, one should be careful to consume it in prescribe dosage.


I have covered in this article main point regarding how to use Shilajit and avoiding the pitfalls associated with it. If I have missed an aspect of using Shilajit please contact me here and let me know.

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